Monday, November 24, 2014

OSR Christmas 2014 - Not a Rerun of 2013

If I've learned an important lesson for running the OSR Christmas in 2014, it's this - trying to act as a central repository / clearinghouse for the gifting of physical product isn't just a nightmare, but shipping is expensive yo!

I also have a much fuller plate this year (and still need to wrap things up from earlier this year) so, if we do an OSR Christmas for 2014, the changes will be minor but substantial.

1 - The only stuff I'm shipping is stuff from my collection.

2 - Those donating physical products will ship directly to the recipients, not to me. Holy shit but this was like hell on my end last year and into early this year. I'd like to avoid the wife agro this time around :)

3 - PDF gift codes would preferably go from gift-er to gift-ee, but I'm willing to play middle man if needed.

4 - I'd like to do 12 days of gifting, starting December 1st and ending December 23. Yes, alternate days. I'm striving for some sanity here.

If you want to get in on the gift giving, drop me a line at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom with "OSR Christmas" in the subject and we'll work out the details. Those gifting will get free plugs of their blog / company / pet pics / whatever.

If we don't have the interest for a full 12 days we'll look at running a shorter "Pauper's Christmas" ;)


  1. I kinda feel I know the answer but... Are international readers eligible to this? :)

  2. I'd ship internationally, I've done it before, it might take a while to get there though.


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