Monday, November 24, 2014

Kickstarter - Far West had Another Update - I Have as Much Faith in the Projected Dates as I do The Backer Portraits

Far West will be completed in digital form by Christmas - or not.

You know what? I was real excited when I backed this over three years ago, back when there was an actual artist doing the art, not Gareth and his photoshop skills.

The above example of the opposite of quality art was completed at least by last September, as it was shown in an update. I'm posting it here to share the laughter with my readers. Yes, this is why I supported the project at a premium, and I'll get to enjoy my very own print of it. Obviously it's NOT a piece of Rich Hersey art.

Why is my face orange and my hands are red? Really, WTF is up with that?

Maybe I should be glad this hasn't released yet. With GMS' record of predicting project completion dates, this should stretch out until my retirement in 2016...


  1. I just have to wonder how I missed backing this one. I backed both Quantum and the Myth & Magic Player's Guide. I would have hit the late kickstarter trifecta.

    1. ah, but did you back the Nystulian Fiascos?

  2. Obviously you are eating too many carrots.


    At least you'll have good eyesight!

    (Your hands are red because of all the blood on them.)

    1. Yes, bloody tears from all the crappy failstarters you have reported on...bwah hah hah!

      But seriously you need to stop eating so many carrots.

  3. That picture...you sure this isn't the Chalie and the Chocolate Factory RPG?


  4. I grew concerned when a recent backer email included a photoshopped image of Bruce Lee. :-(


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