Sunday, November 23, 2014

My 50% Off Hardcover Purchases at Lulu

I did the deed this morning and ordered a bunch of hard cover RPG goodies. Take 50% off the prices you see above. Later I need to make my softcover purchases at 35% off ;)

50% off hardcovers (HC50) until midnight on Nov, 24, 2014

35% of through Dec 2, 2014 for those that use the coupon code SAVE35 (this applies to all Lulu-ness)


  1. I ordered the S&W monster book. If S&W complete was available, I'd have added that, too. White Box seems nice, but since we don't play that, I don't really need it.

  2. The softcovers: ASE 1-3. The hardcovers: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, Barbarians of Lemuria, and Blood & Treasure Complete. Lots of Christmas reading thanks to this sale.

  3. I ordered Mutant Future and Dark Dungeons. I was also looking at Starships & Spacemen but limited funds so it will have to wait.

    Thanks for the update.


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