Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Basic Fantasy RPG 3e Released for Free on RPGNow - Monster Book Released too

I truly like Basic Fantasy. While not quite a clone, i can run adventures from Basic D&D to 3x to the various clones and the editions in between with minor conversions (if any) on the fly.

The price is certainly right, as the PDF for the core game and all the adventures and supplements are free and the print versions are at cost.

The 3rd edition of the Basic Fantasy rules just released as well as the Basic Fantasy Field Guide, which is a monster book with over 180 creatures for your BFRPG game or any other OSR or old school RPG.

Basic Fantasy 3e is currently $4.18 in print at Amazon and the Basic Fantasy Field Guide is currently $3.61. Amazon prices can swing a bit in either direction. Both ship Prime if you have Prime. They should also be available on Lulu.


  1. Goody! I got a piece of art in there! So does Cory Gelnutt...

    ...well, actually he's got a lot of pieces in there...

    ...but I'm in there somewhere!

  2. Thanks, Erik, for the promotion! I do need to make a couple of corrections:

    The actual price on Amazon.com for the Core Rules is $4.75, but different people see different prices; it depends on whether or not you're an Amazon Prime customer, and somehow or other on your buying history. $4.18 is the lowest confirmed price I've seen.

    And I do make a very, very small profit. On the average, about a dime per copy, or just a few pennies more; in very rare circumstances (sales in some parts of Europe, and no, I don't know where), I get as much as $0.70 per copy, but I have no idea why. CreateSpace.com pricing (they make the books) is weird, is all I can say about that.

    What profit I do make I use to defray the expenses of the project, and if there's excess, to do some promotion. I gave away some rulebooks at a convention this year, for example.

    Stu Rat: The 3rd Edition is a separate entity on Amazon.com; the 2nd Edition still shows as well. The decision to do this is rooted in the fact that CreateSpace, despite being "print on demand," supplies some copies to Amazon.com in advance. If I had updated the existing book from 2nd to 3rd Edition, and you ordered it, you might get a 2nd Edition book despite having been told you were getting 3rd. Doing it this way is a pain, but it avoids anyone getting something they didn't expect. And yes, this is a real concern... I know of specific situations where this has happened. Just not with a Basic Fantasy product.

  3. Here's a link to the 3rd Edition on Amazon.com:


    That should get you to the right page.

    I've changed the description of the 2nd Edition to point this fact out, but it will probably be tomorrow before Amazon updates the text on their site.


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