Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Early Black Friday OSR Sales Update #2 - Frog Gods (and Frog Bags) and Savage AfterWorlds

Frog God Games is offering 25% off everything on the Frog God Games website until Sunday at Midnight. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY14 and tell them Tenkar sent ya!

And if you have a mind for it, they are offering grab bags for $100 that will include $300 minimum of retail RPG madness ($150 if you want some goodies from Bill's private collection.) I'm in for $110 including shipping. I expect some items will make the tail end of the OSR Christmas giveaway.

Play Mutant Future? Savage AfterWorld releases are 40% off at RPGNow and Lulu (which should stack with the SAVE35 coupon for super savings.)

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