Monday, November 24, 2014

Any "Black Friday" Sales From Our Favorite OSR Publishers?

I'm trying to get a list together of any possible RPG sales for the "Black Friday" weekend, which I guess starts on Wednesday these days. I've been told of one so far. I expect there are others, either going on now or starting shortly.

So, if you know of some upcoming sales (or are a publisher that plans a sale) drop me a line at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing.

I've got a post to put together and I can only do it with your help ;)

(edit: the list is slowly coming together ;)


  1. I'm going to do my annual holiday money sacrifice (i.e. 10% off or so) on all my stuff at Lulu.com. And now I realize I should just email this to you, but I've gone and typed it all in, so I'll do both, because I'm both thorough and exhausted!

    1. Small Niche Games will be having a Black Friday sale starting Thursday of print products only. Still working out the details, but the price for all print products will be significantly reduced.

  2. Replies
    1. this coming friday, the 28th of November

    2. Alrighty then. We don't have Black Friday in the land down under but I'm happy to join the sale with my lone publication.

  3. The Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules 3rd Edition and Basic Fantasy Field Guide are both expected in print on Lulu.com, CreateSpace.com, and Amazon.com in time for Black Friday. You know the goal of the Basic Fantasy Project is to share the game, not make money, so we can't give a discount (since we don't make appreciable profit, and that's what you give a discount from) but it is very likely that Lulu.com will run some sort of Black Friday special. The Core Rules will list at around $16.00 on Lulu.com, and the paperback will be about $5.00 on Amazon.com/CreateSpace.com and that or a bit less on Lulu.com. The Field Guide is about half as long a book, but due to overhead it won't be a lot cheaper than the Core Rules.

    Right now Lulu.com is running a GIVETHANKS code for 15% off all print books, but that ends on Thanksgiving day (the 27th for those not in the US).


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