Thursday, November 27, 2014

Early Black Friday OSR Sales Update #4 - ProFantasy Software, Fantasy Grounds VTT and Precis Intermedia

A few more publishers are in the mix:

ProFantasy Software
Offer 1: Not all maps need a PC! Meet The Noteboard, an ingenious foldable whiteboard and a great dry-erase battlemat for gamers. Until next Monday you can get 17% off two or more Noteboards from thenoteboard.com or amazon.com. That's 2 for $20. Use this voucher code at payment: ACR7CVRC 
Offer 2: 17% off at ProFantasy. In an unprecedented offer you can get 17% off all purchases through our store until 2nd December. Buy from profantasy.com and use this voucher code: DEC2@17%
Check out the 180+ sale items available for Fantasy Grounds. Most items are now 10-25% off through December 2nd on the Fantasy Grounds Store and on Steam. Check out all the maps, adventures, token packs or core licenses on sale now. 
Rolemaster Classic is 30% off 
All Triple Ace Games products for Savage Worlds are 25% off 
Many Savage Worlds products from Pinnacle Entertainment Group are 10% and 25% off. 
Adventures for Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 from AAW Games, Expeditious Retreat Press, Total Party Kill Games and Rite Publishing are 25% off 
Map and Token Packs are also on sale for 25% off from Fiery Dragon Productions and Devin Night Productions 
Green Ronin's Mutants & Masterminds is 25% off 
Precis Intermedia 
Get 25% OFF Now at the Precis Intermedia Store! 
Use coupon code QM8GQG7V5Z at checkout to receive a 25% discount on orders of $10 or more (excludes third-party items). Hurry - coupon good until Cyber Monday (Dec 1). (Treasure Awaits would be my pick ;)

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