Friday, November 28, 2014

Far West Fiasco - Infinity Squared - Preorder the PDF for $24.95

Holy Fucking Fucktards Batman!

Far West has proceeded to jump the Sharka.

Yes, you can preprder the PDF of Far West, the Kickstarted RPG that will only be 3 years late in December of 2014. I feel a need to mention a year, because the page for the PDF mentions a December release but no year. That's probably wise, as it's missed three Decembers already. 2015 anyone?

The preorder is $24.95 for the PDF. Just think, if you had backed the Kickstarter three years ago, it would have only cost you $10 to hold the same nothing in your hand.

Now, why anyone would preorder a PDF is beyond me. Why anyone would preorder a PDF of a Kickstarter 3 years late requires a whole new level of consciousness that escapes me. Add a 25 dollar price tag and lead balloons have a better chance of floating to the moon than this preorder has of raising cash.

Did I mention that this overdue Kickstarter and some other overdue RPG Kickstarter are exchanging free PDFs with their backers. I hope you like vaping, because you've now doubled your vaporware.

Before anyone accuses me of being too negative, the cover looks awesome. Shame the same can't be said for the bulk of the backer portraits, but this is the type of art I was backing for. This is what brought me into the Kickstarter. Shame it's turned into a nightmare for the backers and Sharka.


  1. Wow... just wow. I almost backed Far West as the first KS I would have ever backed. But I didn't... and now I'm glad I made that decision. Massively overdue, massive amounts of missed delivery dates... now a massively overpriced pdf preorder that may or may not be out anytime soon.

    I'll just keep passing on Far West.

  2. Wow...just...wow. There are no words...

  3. Despite the title and the description, it looks to be rather light on the Old West in favor of the Far East. Of course, I'm just basing my opinion on the artwork I've seen.

  4. I guess we're about to get an update on the number of suckers born per minute...

  5. Skarka...he already took me for $50 on a preorder for the Buckaroo Banzai RPG that I'm sure will never be published. It's also several years overdue now. Why anyone would front money to any project this guy is involved in...! But you have to admire the gall to ask for $25 for something that not only doesn't (and likely won't ever) exist but also used to be $10!

  6. And re: the art, actually it's awful and I'll be surprised if he doesn't get a C&D or an S&C for tracing copyrighted materials and using celebrity likenesses.

  7. To be fair, rpgnow.com indicates that the regular price of this offering is $59.95. So, in that context, $24.95 is quite the bargain.


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