Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday OSR Sales Update #7 - 5 Buck Treats at RPGNow and some Frawgs

Apparently the email from OneBookShelf arrived at 1141 this morning - I just read it. You would think they would send an email out to affiliates and reviewers the night before to give folks a heads up on upcoming sales.


Anyhow, there is apparently a Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion going on:

Let me point out my "5 Buck Highlights:

13th Age - Considered by many to be the "true" 5th edition of D&D

The Strange - Numenera set on a strange earth. Tempting at 5 bucks

Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design - the Kobold stuff is usually pretty good. I think I have this from a Bundle of Holding - if not, I'll be dropping the 5 bucks

But where's my OSR goodness you might say?

Thick Skull Adventure's PDF DCC RPG modules are 40% off, meaning they are on sale for $2.99 each.

Now to work on the OSR Christmas Update post...


  1. I thought 13th Age was the true 2nd edition to 4th edition. And 5th edition is the true 3rd edition to 2nd, and Pathfinder is the true 4th edition to 3rd. Here let me draw a diagram.....

  2. And I missed the Black Friday deals... Would have loved to have snagged The Strange.

    Teaches me to take a break away from the computer for a few days.


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