Sunday, December 22, 2013

For Those that Play Mutants and Masterminds (or just want to peek at a cool modern sourcebook) - Deus ex Historica (376 page sourcebook) is PWYW

Let me preface this by stating unequivocally, +Mark Gedak - aka +Purple Duck Games games is one of the most generous indie / 3rd party publishers I have had the pleasure to deal with. I can attest to this by the stack of in print DCC RPG adventures Mark has published and sent to be to given away to this blog's readers. The man is, simply put, aces.

So, here's the background as to why over 375 pages of Mutants and Masterminds goodness, aka Deus Ex Historica, is being offered at a Pay What You Want pricing:
Purple Duck Games originally shared -   
After much deliberation, I've decided to place Deus ex Historica (M&M) up as pay-what-you want.  
Deus Ex Historica was a product that was kickstarted by 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. When I took over 4WFG, I inherited the responsibility for completing the kickstarter but not the funds from the kickstarter. This was known to me at the time. It came to me with the art (paid) and the writing (unpaid). 
The book turned out to be 376 page long. The writers have been paid, the kickstarter rewards have been sent and its been out in PDF for quite a while now.  
But its not moving. My additional costs on this product (rewards, paying writers, some additional art) amounted to just over $5K. It has brought in $450. So its definitely a terrible red smear in my ledger.  
We have tried sales including a deep discount one of at d20pfsrd and it didn't amount to anything. 
I'm very pleased with the authors work. I'm very pleased with the work of the artists who contributed. I'm very pleased with the final product. 
So even if I never break even on it, I want people to see it an enjoy it.  
So as of right now you can download it for nothing if you want. Download it, read it, enjoy it. There is nothing worse than a product that is not seen.
From the blurb:


Gods from the Ages!

From the dawning days of the Second World War to the present day, the dynamic, colorful world of super-heroes has thrilled generations of readers. Whether draped in the dark of night, or wrapped up in brilliant colors, they duel with their arch-enemies across cities, countries, space and even time – modern myths to inspire the imagination.

With this book, you take a look into the files of future archaeologist Danni Cipher, and explore the Ages of the Super-Hero: from their Golden Age beginning, straight through to the Modern Age. Follow the way these comic book eras focused on different styles, struggles, attitudes and even powers, for hero and villain alike.

And more: you can step into the role of any one of four dozen ready-made heroes, to take up their struggles against dozens of their most diabolical foes! Golden, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Modern; each age presents its own team of heroes and the criminals and maniacs that they opposed, good to go straight from the book. Or as GM, use them to populate the backdrop of your own world's history, with secrets, stories and excitement that can serve to flesh out your players' own characters. With advice on scaling characters in power level to fit any campaign's needs; bases and vehicles, gear and gadgets; adventure seeds; and even a chance to peer into the timelines of our characters, to see how things might go villainous for them, these pages can provide more than enough material for any gaming group ready to make the leap into playing out their own modern myths!

376 pages packed with heroes, villains, and adventure seeds for a new superhero campaign

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  1. It's nice that he wants to make it available and has such enthusiasm but there's nothing about the description that makes me want to read 400 pages about someone else's super hero campaign. He should explain why this is different from all the other super hero campaign write-ups on the market.


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