Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Treat Yourself to Some OSR Goodness Over the Holidays - Brave the Labyrinth #3 is PWYW

I really like the PWYW method of pricing - you can try for free, and if you like what you see, you can put money in the tip jar. Sometimes, you already know the quality is there, so you can put money in the kitty right from the get go.

Brave the Labyrinth is one of those things that you know you are going to enjoy. Put together by Small Niche Games, it's now on it's third issue and is, of course, PWYW. In many ways, it is what I would want from a zine were I to actually get mine out. Lots of folks involved in the creation and a smorgasbord of ideas. It is truly greater than the sum of it's parts, and it's parts are damn good.

Here's what's in the latest issue:

-Eight (8) New Dwarven Magic Items

-One (1) Tavern Map

-Goblinoid Character Class and Subclasses

-Rat Humanoid Race (with 6 different types)

-Beast Rider and Bard Classes

-Grimp Race/Class

-One (1) Adventure for 1st-3rd Level Characters (Red Rope Run)

-One (1) Article on elves

-Three (3) New Monsters

-Twenty-four (24) New Magic Candles

-One (1) Review of the adventure Dark Times in Brighton

Download Brave the Labyrinth - Issue #3 for FREE!

Written for Labyrinth Lord but useable with any of the OSR rulesets, you really can't go wrong with Brave the Labyrinth

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