Monday, December 23, 2013

Tavern Kickstarter Pick - An Illustrated Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures - (Stat-less Illustrated Monster Book)

It's been busy here at The Tavern, what with an overflow of OSR Christmas goodness flowing from the taps, so I'll need to thank Mr. Land of NOD himself, +John Stater , for pointing out this Kickstarter on his blog this evening - An Illustrated Bestiary of Fantastic Creatures by Casey Sorrow.

The sweet price points are $6 for the digital DL, $16 for signed print copy and digital DL ($10 added to pledges outside the US for the print version, because the US Postal Service HATES other countries).

I'm backer number 14 for the curious amongst us. Anyhow, I'll let the art speak for itself:


  1. I saw a link to this over at the Acaeum. I think I beat you to it by 1 :) I think the art is awesome and the style of the book speaks for itself. If I wasn't about to spend a bunch of money on promoting my own (former?) Kickstarter project I would have considered backing at a much higher level. I might still anyway... I like stuff, especially RPG stuff :)

  2. I LOVE the last one, very cool!

  3. you twisted my battle ax..coppers in the pot for me.


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