Friday, December 27, 2013

OSR Santa Has Been Busy - Recipients for Days 12 and 13 Gifts to be Chosen Tonight

I know I said we'd have the gifts assigned last night, but between seeing the second part of The Hobbit (excellent movie depicting some alternate revisionist history of Tolkien's work, but I digress) and driving to the Poconos last night for the last part of my week of vacation, certain things didn't get accomplished as planned. Which is good if you haven't commented on one of the posts yet, as there is still time ;)

Things should settle down some time after dinner tonight, so I'll take care of the gifting then. Remember, little if anything will ship before next weekend, as Santa will be back at the job that earns him real money come Monday.

I have yet even more to give away, but I think I'll time that for New Year's Eve and New Years Day. Someone will get a decent DCC RPG starter, will the rulebook and some adventure, all in print. Remember to tip your mailman, as that sucker is heavy ;)

If I'm lucky, I may even have some gaming thoughts to post over the weekend ;)


  1. Of yore, the twelve days started with Christmas, so you are really still way early in your celebrations!

  2. Thanks again for doing this.


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