Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whisper & Venom Webstore Goes Live - Tell Them "Tenkar Sent Ya"

I received my Whisper & Venom boxed set from the W&V Kickstarter last Sunday (mail deleivery on a Sunday, go figure). I would have posted about it sooner,but there's this little thing known as 12 Days of OSR Christmas that was occupying much of my free time (still need to award Day 13 prizes - tomorrow morning probably).

In any case, +Zach Glazar has opened the Whisper & Venom webstore, where your can get your hands on an amazing "Old School" boxed set adventure / mini campaign setting if you missed the Kickstarter.

The boxed set comes in 2 flavors:

The Whisper & Venom Limited Edition Boxed set for $79.99 includes everything listed below -

-Signed Vellum Coversheet
-The Limited Edition Printings of both the Adventure Book (88 pp) and the Regional Setting Guide
-A set of 12 Color Monster Cards
-1 Dastardly Thopas figurine, 5 goblin figurines and a venomous attoral - all cast in old-school metal
-1 11 x 17 Two-Sided Cardstock Map of The Regional Map and The Outskirts of Whisper
-1 Dungeon Map Booklet
-1 Set of Chessex Dice

The Whisper & Venom Complete set goes for $199.99 and includes everything listed above PLUS - 

- the Giant 42 x 32 Regional Map (two are available that are limited signed copies) -Shipped Separately in a Heavy Duty Mailing Tube (not pictured) (we gave away one of these on the 12th Day of OSR Christmas)
- a folded 18 x 24 copy of the color regional map
- A Lesser Gnome Whisper & Venom T-Shirt – We will contact you for size- it is the highest quality Hanes t-shirt in white with the rear box art.
- A stitched Lesser Gnome Hat in Black (1 Available in White)
and the following figurines
-Thopas with Familiar
-Standalone Pixie
-Gauntswept Scavengers x2
-Restless Undead x2
-Malice Solid Form
-Malice Ethereal (Tinted Resin)
-Giant Cave Toad
-Monster Beetle
-Giant Spider
-Mistress of the Grove and Bear Companion
-Nexid Slaves x2
-Attoral x2
-Attoral Broodsource

and for a limited time, if you purchase the Whisper & Venom Complete set and tell Zach that Tenkar's Tavern sent you in the customer notes, you'll be entitled to an original piece of art by Lloyd Metcalf that was used in Whisper & Venom. That my friends, is fucking priceless.    


  1. So no way to just get the books and the map without all the frills? Pity.

  2. $89? $199???? Really? For a fancy boxed of yet another retro-clone that I have never heard of?


    1. Matt, it's directly compatible with LL and easily used with other OSR rulesets.

      These are "all the frills" and "all the frills and then somme" versions.

      The full sized map is amazing to look at BTW

  3. Hi, I am the creator of the above project and I want to assure you that a book only option is coming (both a PF and OSR version). These as well as.a retail channel release version of the boxed set will be available soon and for a great deal less money. Thenprint quality and extras for backers was as.deluxe as I could make them (hence the price on the handful I have left). The map is available separately on the site now. If you are interested at all just get a hold of me and I will happily pass you the PDFs for free.so you can seen what it is all about before dropping the money. I want people to enjoy the adventure and I will have more (and cheaper POD options soon), I just finished 2 weeks of shipping but those are next up. Like I said all you need to so is ask and I will share the PDFs...Thanks, Zach

  4. This looks great. Glad you are finally getting this to retail.

  5. It looks interesting. Might need to check it out.

  6. The opportunity today is to get the super deluxe version that the backers got, which has an artisanal level of quality and extra goodies - nicer than Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea if that tells you anything. It's sweet. The regular book editions, etc. will come later, as noted above.

  7. I had a chance to look this over and it is excellent. I highly recommend it and I grabbed a Deluxe Edition box set.


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