Friday, December 27, 2013

8 Fine Readers are Receiving Gifts from the 12th Day of OSR Christmas - They Are...

With the help of Roll20, I was able to roll a random die larger than a d100 ;)

Eight times even...

So, here are the lucky Day 12 gift recipients. Packages going outside the states may require some postage help, as the US Postal Service hates you...

The signed Metamorphosis Alpha, courtesy of +Tim Snider , goes to Tareth Ravensword

The classic Boot Hill Boxed set goes to RJ Thompson (thanks to +Zach Glazar for this and the next 4 gifts)

Signed Box of the Pool of Radiance "Gold Box" computer game goes to Andrew Wurdam

The amazing signed and numbered map from the Whisper & Venom Kickstarter goes to Paul Schafer

The signed Jeff Dee art print goes to Stu Rat

The unsigned Jeff Dee print goes to +Dak Ultimak 

One signed copy (by Ken St Andre) of Dwarves & Dragons goes to Nathan Panke

The other signed copy goes to The Degenerate Elite (thanks go to your favorite bartender for these two)

Remember, nothing is getting mailed out for at least a week. OSR Santa has to return to the job that pays the bills and he is getting old and decrepit ;)

EDIT - use the Contact Vox on the right to get me your info (oops!)


  1. I hope you enjoy the prize ...I am glad to have made a contribution to this juggernaut :)

  2. Awesome!! Thanks Eric and everyone who donated this year!!


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