Monday, October 8, 2012

More TSR Era Reprints on the Way - I'm Guessing These Proceeds Won't be Going the the Gygax Memorial Fund This Time

Grognardia, The Greyhawk Grognard and Bat in the Attic all have posts about the upcoming latest round of reprints from the TSR days.

Now, the AD&D 1e reprints were marketed as giving part of the proceeds to the Gygax Memorial Fund. AD&D 2e was an attempt to remove Gygax's name from the AD&D line. Well, that and the good ole' "New Edition means more money!"

So, I think it's safe to assume there will be no trickle down to the Gygax Memorial Fund from the 2e sales as the books were "Gygax Free".

The A series and the S series in hardcover is damn interesting. I think there's more of a market for the modules than the rules but I could be wrong. Guess we'll know next spring.

At least we know how WotC is weathering the storm between editions. Reprint cash cow is in effect ;)


  1. The reprint rules haven't really interested me as I have the ones I want/use from the first time round ;-) However, reprint modules - especially if bundled into nice hardback books - would be handy to (a) pick up modules I didn't get originally (and are now hard to find on eBay) and (b) to replace tatty old, well-used modules with nice shiny new printings!

  2. I think the modules might be a way to test the waters to see if there is a market, in the same way that the 1E reprints proved successful enough to warrant 3.5 and now 2E reprints.

  3. I am going to go on record again as asking why buy the reprints when all of the stuff being reprinted can be found in the secondary market for prices that will most likely be lower than the cost of the reprint. Removing the Gygax Memorial Fund benefit there is none.

    The only result I have seen from the 1e reprints is that the prices charged in the after market for the older printings have actually gone up. Now that they see people paying so much for the "new old stuff" the vintage is worth more right?

    If they want to reprint truly hard to find items from Wee Warriors and the RPGA modules that would be one thing. Printing easily obtainable items does nothing more than line the pockets WotC/Hasbro and may even bring in to play a right for them to call for a cease and desist for the retro clones.

  4. Never underestimate the power of a shiny new print with a chromium or faux leatherette cover. Biblioholic gamers eat this stuff up (I admit I'm one of them). Also, it moves these books back onto actual game store shelves; its hard locally to find any of this stuff for cheap unless you're willing to spend time hunting on ebay. The local FLGS can't keep these reprints in stock, they sell out as soon as a new shipment comes in (for 1E, anyway; not so much for 3.5). My guess is that there must be a large retrospective/returning market of older lapsed gamers who remember the good old days but unlike most of us online haven't retained their originals, or prefer something that doesn't have the stench of mildew, cigar and old pizza on it.


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