Thursday, October 11, 2012

Purple Duck Games Donates in Print Copies of "Through the Cotillion of Hours" For Future DCC RPG Contests at The Tavern

Just a quick but huge "Thank You!" to Purple Duck Games. We now have in print copies of Through the Cotillion of Hours - 1 copy each for the next 3 months worth of DCC RPG Contests (it was nice to see this waiting for me after a crappy day at work).

For the October Contest (to be announced in about 2 weeks) we also have a print copy of Emerald Enchanter that was donated by a blog reader.

This is in addition to a copy of Crawl! that Dak donates every month for the cause.

Add of course others that have donated in the past (and probably in the future too) like Purple Sorcerer, Thick Skull Adventures, Occult Moon, Tim Shorts and others that have donated to make these monthly contests a big hit.

I thank you all - but especially Purple Duck Today :)

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