Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kevin Crawford Announces First Stretch Goal for Spears of the Dawn

Yeah, I know - shut up about Spears of the Dawn already. Trust me, I will. Soon. I'm just fuckin' excited to be getting magic in my Stars Without Number. I'm turning into one of those fanbois it seems.

Anyhow, Kevin has announced the first stretch goal for Spears of the Dawn - a 20,000 word starting setting / introductory adventure that he has already written and just needs to repurpose (it was planned for a failed Indiegogo project).

So, a 20k word adventure if funding hits $6k (it's sneaking up on 4k now with 28 days to go) that won't push release of the project back - but will add more art to the public domain. It's a win - win - win.

Oh, and the top tier for support is only $50 - so Kevin is looking for support by gamers at large.

Alright, enough of me slobbering over the idea of magic in Stars Without Number for a while...

From the update at the Spears of the Dawn Kickstarter:

Thanks to your open-handed generosity, Spears of the Dawn hit its base funding target hardly 36 hours after it went up. If nothing else, I think you've proved that there's a genuine interest in African-flavored RPG material and that a reliable publisher can see success in providing for that interest.
Now that you've shown an enthusiasm for the material, what's the next step? Give you more of it. In May, I wrote a 20,000-word adventure entitled The House of Bone and Amber for an Indiegogo effort that sadly did not fund. The adventure was complete in manuscript form, it just needed maps, layout, and an editing pass. Now that there's such an obvious interest in the topic, I can easily reshape the material to set it in the Three Lands and make it a Spears of the Dawn intro adventure.
If the campaign hits $6,000, I will add this PDF intro adventure to every backer's rewards. When you get the final Spears of the Dawn full-art PDF, you'll also get a 20K-word intro adventure and a campaign-hub market town to run with it. You'll have everything you need to just sit down and start playing.
And, as a side note, whatever art I commission for this module will also be packed into the public domain package, so you can plunder it for your own projects.

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  1. I suspect this will easily reach 6k and in a short amount of time. I wonder if he will add another stretch goal?


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