Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What to Do When You Realize You Have More Money Invested in Future Kickstarters Than Those That Have Actually Completed

A few weeks ago I looked at my history of supporting crowd funded (Kickstarter & Indiegogo projects) and I realized an important fact - this shit is like crack. You start small and before you know it you need a bigger and bigger rock to get the same high.

I mean, why did I support a Stock Art project at the highest amount if I'm not even a publisher? Because of the gawddamn high. I think I needed the high. Why support a project at a level to get two vinyl maps - when I do 100% of my gaming via G+ Hangouts? I needed to reach that high ;)

Believe it or not, I've cut back my funding of these projects greatly - not because the new projects aren't worthy, but because of the amount of cash I have tied up in projects that have blown past their due dates and then some. I expect all of them to get completed at some point, but paying now for something I may, if I'm lucky, get a year from now - again and again - is something I'm trying to curtail.

For me, Spears of the Dawn, which I mentioned earlier today, has a few good things going for it, but the most important is that the low art (but complete) PDF will release at the completion of the Kickstarter. No longer do I have to wait 2d6 months (doubles are rolled again and added to the previous roll) to actually get to enjoy at least part of what I'm paying for.

Holy shit, a novel concept - actually have stuff ready for your supporters when the Kickstarter comes to an end.

Kevin, I hope you are a trendsetter, but not just for breaking out of the traditional fantasy mold, but for crowdfunded projects. Uhm, hopefully you actually get the low art PDF out on time, or you'll just kill this addict ;)


  1. For myself, I make a point of not even considering a Kickstarter unless the item is written. It's what I did for A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore, and it's what I'm doing with Adventures Dark and Deep.

    I refuse to promise vaporgames to anyone. What I offer is already done, in terms of writing. The reason I use kickstarter is to make the thing pretty; art, editing, and layout is what I need folks to pay for. But the damned thing better be at least written, or you won't see me kickstarting it.

  2. Joseph, I'm sold :)

    Seriously, I really respect that attitude. It's something I'll be using to decide "yay" or "nah" on my decision to fund future kickstarters.

  3. 1. which stock art projects? I'm looking for some.

    2. related note, if you have stock art you're not using, can I take a look? We might be able to work something out.

  4. Sure, but let's not paint with such a broad brush. I hope to have BMII in the mail shortly.

  5. @Greg - BM II released in PDF last month (early) and should hit on time this month.

    No paint on you or yours ;)


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