Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kobolds Ate the Baby! (and Other Urban Fantasy Myths)

As I toy with the idea of campaign reboot, it got me thinking about urban myths. You know, "Don't flash your hi-beams at on coming traffic or you'll be killed" and just about every emailed chain letter that you can find debunked on Snopes.

What about Urban Myths for a fantasy setting? (which of course, don't have to be urban at all) They can add some nice background material, especially if you had a list of like 20, and each starting character knew one or two. A handful of the myths could even have the reality of the situation be worse than the myth itself.

So maybe Kobolds didn't eat the baby - but a cult of evil cannibals serving their dark lord are stealing babies on the night of the harvest moon for their rituals, and the players may just stumble into their plans. The players have a chance to not only be heroes, but explain away an urban myth.

Now I need to build a list...


  1. If you speak a demon's name three times, it will show up.

  2. Doors in dungeons close after adventurers pass through, sometimes even if they've been spiked open...


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