Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lessons Learned - This Weekend I Will DM By My Own Book ;)

The last 2 weekends I tried to run the sessions "by the book", both in regards to system (Ambition & Avarice Beta) and adventure (Dwimmermount). I think I've learned that adventures aren't a good fit for BTB, at least for me and my players. It was an interesting attempt if nothing else.

This weekend will be the third session of A&A that I'll be running. The adventure itself, a dungeon crawl, is also in an unreleased beta form (extremely polished) and has already been revised since I started my reading (Greg, if you are reading this - no more changes before game time please ;)

I'm willing to tweak things from what's written if it makes things work better for the session, which was part of my failure the last two sessions - by the book can certainly be a recipe for failure.

At least I have no problem with killing PCs - I think I've dropped 3 over the last 2 sessions. I haven't lost my Old School DM cred yet ;)

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