Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Look at AetherCon - Online Gaming Convention November 16-18

There have been a couple of Online RPG Conventions I've seen so far (and actually popped into and out of one a few years back, before the advent of G+ simplifying the whole online social world) but AetherCon is the first one I actually plan on attending. Or logging in for. I'm not sure of the proper terminology in this case ;)

Now, what makes AetherCon more like a real con? To my eyes, it's the involvement of RPG publishers, both in supporting the con with prizes but also manning virtual tables, just like at a real con.

Which ones? This is the current list:

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Battlefield Press
Catalyst Game Labs
Chapter 13 Press
Imperfekt Gammes
Heroic Journey Publishing
Kenzer and Company
Occult Moon
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Reality Blurs
Silver Gryphon Games
Skirmisher Publishing
The Design Mechanism
Third Eye Games
Troll Lord Games
White Haired Man

I might jump in and play in a Savage Worlds or Castles & Crusades game. Heck, I might even be tempted to run a game, but if I did it would be a DCC RPG session. A zero level funnel, so you can easily grab folks that don't have much or any knowledge of the DCC RPG and throw them in the shallow end of the piraña pool ;)

They'll also being running Tournaments for Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Savage Worlds. The prize pools are nice, but I don't know any of the rules well enough to be one of the last men standing after 3 days of gaming. Maybe if it was AD&D 1E...

Roll20 looks to be the interface they will be using with G+ Hangouts. I guess that means I should log into my account again. I saw they fixed the whiteboard, so all should be good now on my end.

As games and times start getting listed I'll be posting more about this. It looks pretty cool, and it it's half as cool as it looks it could be, it should be an a blast of a gaming weekend.

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  1. It's gonna be fun. People need to sign up for games NOW - there may be a final-week rush. And besides that, it's nice for the GMs to see that they have a full table ahead of time :)


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