Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Winners of the September Mercurial Magic Contest For the DCC RPG Are...

I'm amazed at how little overlap there was on the picks made by the judges of this contest. Or maybe I shouldn't be, as all the entries were top notch. Still, there can be only 4 winners.

The overall highest score entries were:

Replacement- A clone comes into existence, facing the caster, identical to the original in all respects except for a -1 Personality loss. A moment later, after each becomes aware of the other, the original is disintegrated, leaving no trace. The clone can carry on, but is burdened with the knowledge he/she is "just" a copy. - SAROE, you win the donated copy of Sailors on the Starless Sea. This is the printed version, so I need a snail mail address to send it to you.

Mark of the BeastMark of the Beast. Whenever this spell is cast, the caster takes on the aspect of a lycanthrope of the GM's choice. STR and CON are both increased by 1d4 until the effect wears off, in 1d4 turns. The increased characteristics may be spellburned as normal. Once the effect fades, those characteristics return to normal, but any additional spellburn is automatically healed. - Edgar Johnson, I need your snail mail address so I can give it to Dak so he can get you the latest issue of the Crawl! Fanzine.

"Tag!"-  When cast, the spell is passed to the target along with its effects (the caster can no longer cast it and, the target gains the ability to cast it if possible).
 Tom Grimshaw, you win your choice of Issue 1 or 2 of The Manor. I need your snail mail address so Tim can get that out to you.

Thaumic Dampening - The spell greedily devours the area's latent magical potential! All spells cast within 200' after this spell is cast act as if they were one level lower. Duration 1 rd/level.
 Stuart K, I need your email address so Occult Moon Games can hook you up with your PDF of The Forgotten Outpost.

I need the winner's to email me at erikATtrubluniteDOTnet with either your snail mail address or you RPGNow email address, depending on the prize. 

I want to thank everyone who posted - the entries were awesome!

I also want to thank Tim, Quinn, Mike, Dak and Victor. Without each and every one of you, this contest would not have hit the heights it did.


  1. Wow.

    Thank you to Erik and all the judges.

    I'm really surprised by this, surely the universe is just saving up something horrible for me. Which in itself is very DCC.


  2. Awesome! This is great. I've been wanting to take a look at Crawl! for a while now.

  3. It's Stuart K. Hope I'm not too late! My email is quep84@gmail.com


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