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Monday, April 25, 2016

New Banner by Del Teigeler To Join The Tavern's Rotation!

I've always been impressed by +Del Teigeler 's work, but I was blown away by the samples of Del's work that I saw on +Jeff Talanian 's recent AS&SH Adventure Kickstarter, The Mystery at Port Greely. It was simply DAMN GOOD.

I knew I had to make it mine. The art that is. I backed the Kickstarter the moment I hit the page. And make it mine I did. Del did an awesome job.

I love the different interpretations of Tenkar's Tavern by the various artists. They are all very different but it's all the same place. Maybe it should be a chain of taverns ;)

As an aside, Del's prices are extremely fair. If you have a project where his style might be a good fit, reach out to him. You'll kick yourself if you don't.

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