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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eyes of the Beholder - Bringing the Beholder to Tunnels & Trolls

By David Fisher

Beholder AKA "The Floating Eye"

Monster Rating: 150

Combat Dice: 16 + 75

Special Damage: 7/ Death Spell #9 (Single Target - 9th Level Save vs Luck or Die)

Few who have encountered a Floating Eye have lived to recount the tale. As if it's whip like eye stalks and shark like rows of teeth weren't dangerous enough, it's main eye can discharge a beam that sucks the very life essence from it's victim, leaving little more than an empty husk behind. It is said, however, that he that slays a Floating Eye will often find gems in it's gullet. Whether this is true or not is anyone's guess.

(David Fisher's Deviant Art page can be found here)

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  1. Love what you're doing with these Tenk, keep it up.


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