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Goodman Games 3e Sale - $1 / $3 / $5 Tavern Picks

The Goodman Games 3e Sale is packed full of great picks no matter what edition you run (I've used many 3e Goodman releases with Swords &Wizardry, converting on the fly).

I know some are looking to stretch their gaming dollar and want to make sure they get some of the best releases for the least amount of cash. I'm going to throw some Goodman Games DCC 3e picks at you hoping for you to the get the best bang for your gaming buck.

Dungeon Crawl Classics #51: Castle Whiterock - I own the boxed set AND the PDF. It's a great megadungeon that covers levels 1 through 15. Over 750 pages. That is one hell of a lot of adventuring. Heck, if you get this, you might not need to grab anything else, as this may hold you over for a damn long time. Free preview of level 9 can be downloaded here.   $5 (If you can get only one $5 PDF, this should be it)

Dungeon Crawl Classics #35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms - This is the default Goodman Games setting. Another 5 buck pick and well worth it. Being a setting, it's really easy to use with the rules of your choice.  $5

Dungeon Crawl Classics #46: The Book of Treasure Maps - What is that? Six adventures (with handouts) for a buck? How can you go wrong? "Each of the adventures is stand-alone and world-neutral, and given the nature of the treasure map concept, they're easy to drop into any campaign." 112 pages.  $1

Judges Guild JG3: Dark Tower - "This special Silver Edition of the classic Judges Guild adventure module is converted to the 3.5 rules set, and includes all new art as well as new material to expand the beloved original!"  $1

Judges Guild JG2: Citadel of Fire - A 3e conversion of a Judges Guild classic. "Just outside the rough-hewn timber hamlet of Aztlan lies the ancient and mysterious Citadel of Fire: an embodiment of evil and destruction since its stones were first laid. Inside the town of Aztlan, itself a nest of intrigue and danger, there lies an evil temple dedicated to an ancient god to which the masters of the Citadel pay homage. Together the denizens of the Temple and Citadel have made plans to overthrow their rival powers and subjugate the innocents of the land. Meanwhile, just outside of town, sits a not-so-quiet graveyard with a sinister and deadly secret. Are you brave enough to explore the secrets of Aztlan and put an end to the evil that is The Citadel of Fire?"  $1

Judges Guild JG1: Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor - The first in the series of three Judges Guild conversions. "Do your heroes dare to enter Fortress Badabaskor? Deadly brigands, vicious cultists, and the dusty treasures of the Dragon Kings await those with muscle, wit, and luck. Defeat these challenges to uncover the dark secret of Badabaskor - a secret that will challenge even the most experienced of adventurers..."  $1

Dungeon Crawl Classics #9: Dungeon Geomorphs - "Unlike other Dungeon Crawl Classics, this volume does not present a completed adventure. Instead, it presents a set of DM tools that will make your job easier. This book of dungeon geomorphs gives you everything you need to map out exciting underground adventures. The geomorphs are modular map segments designed to be combined in a variety of ways. There are 124 map segments, encompassing mazes, dungeons, underdeep caverns, monstrous lairs, castles, ruins, halls, and many other intriguing places to explore. Together they combine to make thousands of possible maps!"  $1  (if you can get only one $1 pick, this should be it)

Dungeon Crawl Classics #14: Dungeon Interludes - "This module is a collection of six related adventures designed to be played nonconsecutively over the course of a campaign. Each adventure builds on the one before it but is complete and stand-alone. This allows the DM to weave an ongoing plotline into his larger campaign, which gets revealed bit by bit, one episode at a time."  $1

Dungeon Crawl Classics #29: The Adventure Begins - If you can only afford one purchase from this sale, this gem should be it. 20 adventures for beginning adventures (levels 1 to 3). Over 260 pages. 3 bucks. I've used a few already. "Let the adventure begin! This compilation of twenty all-new 1st-level adventures is specially designed to kick-start new campaigns. Written by experienced adventure authors, these stand-alone modules will challenge your heroes with war-worms, hang-gliding kobolds, a hundred-foot-tall colossus, giant bees, an ancient wizard's tower, trained monkeys, dangerous mushrooms, a gigantic white salamander -- and more!"  $3 (if you can get only one $3 pick, this should be it)

Dungeon Crawl Classics #48: The Adventure Continues - The companion to DCC #29, this features 20 4th to 6th level adventures. "The adventure continues! This compilation of all-new 4th-level adventures is specially designed to continue new campaigns. They’re perfect sequels to DCC #29: The Adventure Begins, or any other level 1-3 adventures. Written by experienced adventure authors, these stand-alone modules will challenge your heroes with feral elves, undead fiddlers, evil fey, dreamscape nightmares, ghostly Neanderthals -- and more!"  $3

There are a bunch of affiliate links above. Each buck you spend via The Tavern's affiliate links puts a nickel in The Tavern's coffers. Those nickles can add up and we appreciate every single one. Thank you for supporting The Tavern.

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