Monday, May 7, 2018

Kickstarter - ORC STABR - One Page RPG For Orc Stabbers To Tell Legends Of Stabbin'

Wow. I hate to say it, but if you are going to run a successful Kickstarter that is a joke (mostly?), Orc Stabber! has hit gold.

$20 goal. $1115 raised thus far with over three weeks left to fund.

A video that is entertaining to watch.

A game that only gives you half the rules for backing (or at least only half the rules in print:

Yes, you get it in print for these prices, but as the rules are only a page long...

Not totally true. Full PDF will
be posted when KS fulfills
I love the risks and challenges:
Hi Folks, Liam Ginty and Gabriel Komisar here. We're the designers behind Orc Stabber and will be working to deliver this project to you all. 
There's a handful of small risks and challenges and we thought it best to address these out of character, as Limm Ghomizar can get a bit excited. 
First of all, we wanted to communicate that you do indeed only get half of a rules page with this project. We'll be preparing each page separately, personalizing them with drawings, doodles, notes special unique rules, and tearing them all separately. We think this might be a fun way to get people sharing what they have with their friends and on social media to make the full rules available. We plan on releasing the full PDF shortly after the project wraps so everyone will have the full rules. 
The only other challenge is no one on the team has ever mailed out 100+ letters all at once, but we're consulting with other successful Kickstarter runners to make sure those important deliverables are in your hands quickly!
Screw it! For two bucks, I'm in!


  1. Guh. I'm still not sure what I just saw. Half a page of rules? Really?

  2. And what do we stab, apart from orcs? MORE ORCS!!!

  3. This kind of sh*t makes me crazy; I push to produce quality work that's not a joke and end up making just about the same money as these guys. Jeesh. Maybe I should make up a fake, crappy RPG too! lol


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