Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kickstarter - Augmented Reality & Dragons (AR&D)

Let me just say, the above gif from the Augmented Reality & Dragons Kickstarter is inspiring. It makes me WANT to play like this at my table. But I don't think it does.

What I mean is, for this to work, you'll need to be viewing your physical table via your iOS or Android device. That's more distracting than anything else.

Exciting concept. I don't think the current implementation is feasible.

22% funded (with a goal of $250k) with just over 2 weeks to go)

You can look at more videos here: https://imgur.com/gallery/TbHjpUC


  1. Or you could, of course, put the picture on the big flat screen, or project it onto a wall, or even use this as basic setup for a VTT you run, which would look awesome for everyone else, and would be really easy for you to manage at a table with a webcam pointed at it.
    If the current implementation isn't feasible, maybe one could think up something else?

    1. Personally, I recommend people at the table actually give their fellow players and the DM their undivided attention, and use their damned imaginations for the special effects.

    2. Personally, I have experienced wonderful sessions with the help of special effects like music, sound and projected graphics and videos. But I'm a filthy sci-fi gamer, where the mood is different, and I like to try new things to enhance the scenery (not to replace it), so that might be the key.

    3. "...special effects like music, sound and projected graphics and videos."

      A gaming session with all the excitement of attending a business seminar. Sign me up!

      "I'm a filthy sci-fi gamer..."

      No one mentioned sci-fi gamers at all, much less called them "filthy". What are you smoking?

  2. VR Kickstarters have a very checkered past. AR is the bridge technology, but you need more than pretty pictures.

  3. The promise of AR will be more obvious once an Apple iGlasses or Google Glasses tech becomes common place. Or better yet, the work on putting that same tech into a contact lens.

  4. I'm just gonna wait til minis get replaced by teeny weeny little robots to upgrade. Then I'm gonna dress up in a dragon suit and say, "I'm Wormy!"

    It is an exciting concept, but VR tech is going to have to be as accessible as dice and a pencil to work for me.

  5. The problem is the lack of flexibility, you are limited to the library as the learning curve to make your own is very steep and require some amount of artistic ability.

    It is exact same issue with building something out of Hirst Arts blocks or using the more specific Dwarven Forge sets. It looks great but... for use from session to session there are limitations even if yous stuff that meant to be generic like the dwarven forge dungeon sets.

    One virtue of AR is that it is portable. As mention a big downside is how you see it.

    1. As a follow up far more useful are stuff that rely on flat images as the foundation of the graphics presentation. For example Roll20 or Fantasy Ground. Or that Microsoft surface computer that doubles as as table.

    2. Every time I run D&D I intend to use miniatures. I have a ton of them, plus a bunch of DF terrain. But every time I decide they just get in the way, and don't end up using them.

      This nutty technology would be even more awkward and useless.


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