Sunday, May 13, 2018

Kickstarter - Town & Cityscapes : Fantasy Civilization Series for RPGs (Digital art and Image creation package)

I love maps. I love mapping software, even if I lack the skills to use most to their fullest. I'm in love with the results attainable from the Town & Cityscapes : Fantasy Civilization Series for RPGs Kickstarter, even if I know the results are not obtainable by me on any level.

What do I mean?
Town and Cityscapes (the first in the Fantasy Civilization Series) is a cohesive system-independent image package designed from the ground up to place creative power in the hands of the user. Create maps, illustrations, handouts, etc. of any classic fantasy settlement in your favorite image editing software affordably and without the need for any artistic skills. (emphasis mine)
I have never used imaging editing software beyond removing the occasional red-eye or cropping a photo. So, yeah, I suspect this is beyond my abilities. However, if this IS in your wheelhouse, the potential this Kickstarter holds for you is huge.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the backers even if I won't be one of them.

Just over 2 days to go on this one.

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