Sunday, May 13, 2018

Coming in September - Dungeons & Dragons Endless Quest Books (pre-orders are open)

They're back! Well, soon to be back, that is. Endless Quest Books are making their return in September but you can pre-order now.

9 bucks for the softcover, 17 bucks for the hardcover on Amazon.

Four books, one for each of the core classes.

After failing in my uncle duties yesterday (my niece fractured her wrist under my watch) I think I'll be ordering all four in hardcover :(


  1. As a Endless Quest collector I’m intrigued and I hope they will
    consider reissues of the originals.

  2. I absolutely LOVED the originals as a kid, but I have absolutely no interest in buying these whatsoever. I was gonna comment more; I think I'll make a blog post instead so that I can go into detail why.

    1. I hope it's kosher to post a link: https://www.indygaming.com/wotc-publishes-new-endless-quest-books/

  3. Are these going to be gamebooks, or simple cyoa style?


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