Thursday, May 17, 2018

Humble Book Bundle: Super Nebula Author Showcase 2018

It's times like this I remember how much I used to read. A bundle like the  Humble Book Bundle: Super Nebula Author Showcase 2018 might have kept me occupied for a summer. Alright, maybe a tad more ;)

There are four "bundle levels" and instead of listing them, I'm going to show them to you:

Yep, that works out to a mere 10 cents a book.

This makes it a total of 24 books for 8 bucks. Shit, alright, this would probably have covered me for two seasons worth of reading material.

Right. 34 books for 15 bucks. Good thing I'm retired.

20 bucks. 42 books. At a book a week you have more than three seasons covered.

Multi-format means it will work with PDF readers, Amazon Kindles, the Nook and other e-readers. Damn it.


Yep, that's an affiliate link above. Affiliate links help fund The Tavern and all we do. Help us do the do we do ;)

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