Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Month Later, Still No Gygax Games Website / Gygax Memorial Fund Page Still Offline

Remember the announcement from April 17th of this year, abut the Gygax Games / Fig partnership to use Gary's IP for computer games? Well, there still is no website for Gygax Games 30 days later.

At the same time, the Gygax Memorial Fund's webpage has been offline for at least as long.

I can chalk up the lack of a Gygax Games website to poor planning, but having the Gygax Memorial Fund's page offline is simple mismanagement. Being that Gail and Alex are the main folks behind both projects, this doesn't bode well for either at this point.

(I also checked the GMF's page on Facebook - no update since March and no explanation as to why the website is down)


  1. If there's no website, no one will remember that either one exist. And, if the forget they exist, they won't ask questions.

  2. I can't believe WOTC hasn't taken action against them. When they did the AD&D core book reprints, they donated a chunk of each sale to the Memorial Fund. I just picked up the POD version of the DMG through DMsGuild.com and it still has an add for the Memorial Fund, so I can only imagine there's still some agreement between them.

    Hasbro's lawyers should be all over this.

  3. Gawd you people are daft. There isn't enough money at stake here and mismanagement isn't a crime.

    1. The crime is exactly this. There is no reason for this to be happening, it's just the sad coda to a sad story.


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