Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Adventures of Conman Sven #4 - Talk to Me

Yeah, I expect there may be some pushback with this piece of The Adventures of Conman Sven.

First, here's a link: https://concussionfoundation.org/CTE-resources/what-is-CTE

Second, here's the relevant quote (especially applicable to the time the claim by Sven was made):
Currently, CTE can only be diagnosed after death through brain tissue analysis... In fact, until recently there were relatively few doctors who knew how to diagnose CTE.
Third, here's the background: When you self-diagnose yourself with a disease that can only be diagnosed after death, in an attempt to further yourself from your Kickstarter responsibilities, you deserve to be mocked. Maybe next time, Sven will pick a different random illness.

I really hate having to explain a joke, but if you haven't been following along from the beginning it may just be a bit obtuse.

Don't worry, tomorrow should cheer up all of the Conan Fans ;)


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