Monday, May 14, 2018

News - Bob Bledsaw III Removed from CSIO Kickstarter - Bob Bledsaw II now at Helm

I'll give the long story short - Bob Bledsaw III has been removed from the City State of the Invincible Overlord Kickstarter. Bob II says he "appointed the wrong manager" and the capital was "mismanaged". I think those are both HUGE understatements. The money is, however, gone and then some, so outside funds will be needed to bring this to completion. Oh, and Bob II needs to change the Kickstarter password like NOW. - Tenkar

Below is the update:

Update #97

May 14 2018

Slow but Sure Progress - Change of the Guard (link to original)

There has been a major change made in management of this project.
Until today, it was in the hands of Bob III (my son) and now I finally can take the helm and ultimate responsibility of this important task. In fact, this is my first time logging into the account, and seeing the backers list - all who pledged and what amounts are due. Anyone wishing to reach me can use jgww@comcast.net or facebook.

I cannot ask for time, you all have given that, and your support.

I can only offer candor and truth. The books ARE still in progress. I have already begun sending out the miniatures to those who paid for them. I go into this with none of the capital you pledged, as it was mismanaged. I have had no access to the pledged funds ... and have sunk over 6k of my own funds into the layout and maps (I am not a rich man, or this would have been fixed long ago) ... things WILL get done as I can afford to do them. All JG profits from the Goodman Games/ Judges Guild kickstarter went to this kickstarter layout and map costs.

I ask that you back (publicly if not financially) any other projects JG may do by way of other publishers, as those funds will come here to help resolve this floundering venture as well. I do understand your anger and disgust with all this. I agree with that sentiment; you have all waited far too long, and so have I.

My goal when this kickstarter was first proposed was simply to revamp and produce our original campaign maps... all else was added as an afterthought by the project manager. My short-term goal is to fulfill this kickstarter as soon as possible. My long-term goal is to see as many of JG's classic titles as possible available to the public.

I did not make the decisions that got us to this point, but I failed you all in appointing the wrong manager. I have always strove to make JG look good, and you cannot imagine how sorry I feel at this point. I know that our biggest backers were our dearest fans; those who have bought our products for decades and literally put food on my family's table. My work is ahead of me here, and I will try to get past this to everyone's satisfaction.

Sincerely -
Bob Bledsaw II - Judges Guild


  1. This is why Tavis Allston of Autarch told me "Never announce a Kickstarter until the manuscript is complete."

    Also, stretch goals are a trap of Satan. They have sunk more projects than Carter's has little liver pills.

    1. The stretch goals are what are furthest along for this KS, however.

  2. I wished this would have happened a year ago, but I am glad it finally happened. I want Judges Guild to be good again. So many good memories were created by there products.

  3. lets just hope a miracle can be worked, I have offered to help where I can since I only live an hour away

  4. Many old JG titles are not available for purchase as PDFs. This leaves only the inflated secondary market. Take a page from WOTC and ask the fans to send in scans of whatever products you don’t have access to. Sell the pdfs and use the revenue to fulfill KS pledges.

  5. As for my "change the password" comment in the post, its all about accountability. If only those currently involved with the project have access, they are the only ones that can be held accountable going forward. I've never had a position in the NYPD that left me with computer access to responsibilities I no longer had.

  6. This is a perfect example of how nepotism can ruin a project or a company. Parent's are often completely in denial about the weaknesses, faults and potential criminality in their children. It is great that Mr. Bleedsaw finally realized he was going to have to wrest back control to save this sinking ship.

    1. I sometimes think our whole economy is based on nepotism/favoritism, not merit. But you hardly ever see someone admit to the mistake.


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