Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bundle of Holding - Campaign Cartographer (Mapping Software)

I've owned the Campaign Cartographer software for a number of years. In the right hands, the results are amazing. In my hands - eh, not so much. I wasn't able to get by the learning curve. Also, I've moved to Macs for most of my computer use (this is Windows only). For those that can get past the learning curve, the Campaign Cartographer Bundle is an awesome deal.

For 30 bucks you get the Campaign Cartographer 3+ software and the Tome of Ultimate Mapping.
ProFantasy's Core Collection includes the latest Windows version of Campaign Cartographer 3+ (retail price $40) plus the Tome of Ultimate Mapping (retail $20), a 710-page tutorial guide with more than 150MB of support files like example maps, symbol catalogs, tutorial files, and templates.
The Bonus Collection includes the following:
If you pay more than the threshold price of $64.41, you'll level up and also get serial numbers redeemable for ProFantasy's Bonus Collection with no less than fourteen more products worth an additional $136: the fabulous Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in (retail $40) for CC3+ and more than a dozen Style Packs, tool sets, and map collections originally released as part of ProFantasy's Cartographer's Annual series. The entire offer has a total retail value of $201, one of the richest in Bundle history.
Campaign Cartographer is an amazing tool in the right hands and this pricing is hard to beat.


  1. I'm tapped out. I got the basic bundle, but can't do the bonus. If the thing would have been for a couple of days more, I could have waited until payday. Kay sew ra sew ra.

    Oh, there's over a gigabyte of packages to download, to get it all installed. Lite software, it ain't.

  2. I bought these all on disc a few years back. Even with the tome I couldn't get past the learning curve either.


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