Saturday, May 19, 2018

Kickstarter - Iconic Mythical Collection RPG Dice Sets by Kraken Dice

The Iconic Mythical Collection RPG Dice Sets by Kraken Dice is one of those Kickstarters I had to bring Rach over to my computer screen to look at the dice because even though I wasn't all that excited about the project, I thought Rach might be interested. Boy, was I on the money. Rach wants at least two sets if not three, at which point w may as well be on for four sets (that's where the stretch goals extras kick in)

There was a 20k goal - its surpassed 363k with 10 days to go.

All that and Rach is encouraging me to back a Kickstarter. Go figure ;)


  1. Pretty, but some of the colour combos and the random nature of the mixing process mean some sides are unreadable, to me. At my age I need clarity :-)

  2. I hate watching these Dice Kickstarters go by, I love collecting Sets but the Canadian Exchange means it's $31.40 for a single set of Dice. The plus side being that I support my Local Stores even if they only get Chessex sets.


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