Sunday, July 16, 2017

Playtest Impressions - Bunny & Burrows Light - No Animals Were Truly Killed in the Playtesting of These Rules

Friday night I was asked an important question: "Do you know of anyone that might like to playtest the Bunnies & Burrows Light rules?" What a loaded question! I spent hours talking with Dr. Sustare one night at NTRPG Con about Swords & Wizardry Light, a new edition of Bunnies & Burrows and the idea of Dennis putting together a "Light" version of the Bunnies & Burrows rules. My answer was "Send me the rules and I'll run it tomorrow night!" and they did and I did.

I sent the rules, character sheets and cards to my Saturday Night Irregulars and assembled out bunny posses. We had three bunnies. I suggested someone name one of their bunnies Hugh Humpalot but wisely no one bit at it.

The bunnies, all young, had to find some Rabbit Flower at a nearby marsh to help heal their den mother who was suffering from an as yet undefined disease.

It really does change the whole narrative when gold and treasure is not the driving force behind an adventure (because even ones that have other motives driving the action still supply opportunities to loot the dead)

Our brave bunnies:

- didn't find and didn't fall into a trap.

- hopped / climbed a tree for a better view, as they had no map (bunnies don't map) and just a vague direction of the marsh they needed to locate.

- were pounced on by a persian kitty who got rabbit punched to an early grave. Rumors that humping bunnies were running amok after their victory is greatly exagerated.

- located the marsh ad Rabbit Flower, but now it was dark

- drove a snake from the hollow of a tree trunk so they would have protection from predators over the night's passing.

- were attacked by and drove off a dachshund (the fact that my wiener dog was barking in the background for the prior half hour simply added to the scene)

- found and fell into that trap they missed the first time

- got the Rabbit Flower to their mother in times to heal her.

Created characters and ran the adventure in about 2 and a half hours with another 15 minutes of post playtest critique.

Damn but I'm looking forward to more Bunnies & Burrows.


  1. Very cool. Do you know of any possibilities on B&B Light becoming available outside of knowing or playing with Dr. Sustare?

    1. We are working on it now, it will be available in a similar way to SWL and free. The full 2nd Edition rules will be on Kickstarter sometime after.

  2. Running a game Saturday, 6 players.
    What 3 classes did you play?

    1. Fighter, Scout and Empath.

      Empath was very powerful in play. We were calling it "Vampire Bunny" ;)

    2. Yea, I was thinking they would be powerful.
      Reading your post again, you posted what happen, but didn't really discuss impressions.
      Did you discuss those with Dr. Sustare privately?

    3. I purposefully avoided discussing rules as this is a playtest and everything is subject to change. I did send an email on to FGG which was forwarded to Dennis. It included feedback from my players and our observations and suggestions.

  3. That sounds horrible.


    I'm glad all flavors of weird are out there and I'm glad you loved it.

  4. I agree about wanting it now. We liked Harvesters :o)

  5. Are the full B&B rules complicated enough to warrant a light version?


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