Thursday, July 20, 2017

18 Sets of Poly Dice - $25 Bucks

Believe it or not, this was cheaper on Prime Day at Amazon last week, but I missed the sale. Still, bought them right after and received them last Friday and I was impressed. See, I'm used to the ugly dice and incomplete sets one gets with the various Pound of Dice options you can find. Lots of dice whose main benefit is you certainly don't care if you lose any.

Thats not the case here. These 18 sets are high quality, good looking dice of pleasing to look at colors. Color me very surprised. Gems, solids and shell / opal (effect) are the types.

I am now down to 13 sets, having given one set to Rach, another set to my son's fiancee and letting Pinkie pick out three sets this past Saturday. All I can say is ladies certainly prefer the gem dice.

Oh, and a huge dice bag to hold them all.

My one complaint? Only 1d6 per set - I've gotten spoiled and expect three these days in a set ;)

$24.99 for 18 sets of poly dice on Amazon. Ships free with Prime.

Another alternative offers even more for less, but I can't (yet) speak for the quality of the dice. 20 sets for 20 bucks. Yeah, I may need more dice. Heck, at prices like this I could give away a set of dice to players at my next face to face game or when I run some SWL at a con.

$19.99 for 20 sets of poly dice, again at Amazon with free Prime shipping. Can one really have too many dice?

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  1. I've been giving away dice at con games for years now. So far, all from Easy Roller Dice. When they have a sale, it's similar prices, and nice bags. It's nice to be able to that. Many players don't take them though, so I can give them away again.

  2. I'd love to see something like this for DCC/MCCs "funky dice".

  3. I bought that first set a year or so ago myself. Got involved in a game where I was the only experienced player, and for the first 3-4 sessions they were the only dice at the table, so they saw heavy use. Bag is very durable, each set comes in its own baggy, and the dice themselves are good quality. Pretty ridiculous deal, I'd highly recommend it.


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