Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Inkwell Designs - SideQuest Decks - Pick a Card, Any card (or store)

Inkwell Designs has its SideQuest Decks available to order from three different store fronts:

Amazon - $14.95 with free Prime shipping

RPGNow - $14.95 with the PDF of the deck included

Inkwell Designs - $13.95 with the PDF of the deck included

From the Inkwell site:
We’re excited to revise, expand & update our popular Encounter Decks to Sidequest Decks! 
Why the name change?  It is a more accurate description.  As you likely know, each card is a mini-adventure, not just one encounter. 
What else is new?  Decks 1 & 2 didn’t have the map match the adventure on the other side of the same card.  Now the map is the most important/unique map to the adventure, as in Decks 3 & 4.  If the adventure needs other maps you may pick another card’s map as needed.  Also, Decks 1, 2, and 3 have been sorted into four new decks based on sub-genre/setting and new adventures have been added.  Another improvement: many new maps have been added even for previous adventure outlines to ensure the map matches the adventure.  The new maps are wonderful and some older maps have been tweaked for easier reading. Deck 4 (Science Fiction) only changed the name.
I have the original decks and their are great for inspiration (or emergency adventures when unprepared)

Given the choice I'd get the decks directly through Inkwell Design, as +Joe Wetzel will keep a bigger cut of the price and supporting publishers is where's its at. Purchases made through The Tavern's Amazon or RPGNow affiliate links will generate a portion of the sales to support The Tavern, but I'd rather you support Joe directly. He offers some really solid releases for the gaming community.

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  1. Joe puts out amazing stuff, whether it's digital (mapping software like Hexographer and Dungeonographer) or PDF/physical stuff like their monster conversions and card decks.


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