Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bundle of Holding - Rifts (Believe it or Not)

I did a double take when I noticed Rifts was one of the offers at Bundle of Holding. I don't see Kevin as one offering discounts that often. Then I saw the discount and I was less impressed.

$17.95 for the Starter Collection? It should be half that in my opinion. The idea is to bring people in with a nice discount and 18 bucks for the core rules a sourcebook and a fairly worthless GM kit doesn't quite do it in my eyes.

The Bonus Collection comes in at a hair under $27. While its a better value than just opting for the Starter Collection, I don't see it as all that great a value.

How the hell is "Sourcebook One" and "Ultimate Edition" trademarks? At least they aren't claiming a trademark for "Game Master Kit." Yet.

Ah well, Kevin is true to his usual self:


  1. Eh, I always enjoyed reading RIFTS. It's nearly impossible to play without playing either all light-touch or all balls-to-the-walls combat-heavy characters, and even then it was one of the roughest games I've ever run or played. Still, the world had a fun charm and never took itself too seriously, and I have fun memories both of playing it and running it. Getting that big book that is the core book now was prohibitively expensive for something I might never run, but this might be doable.

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Rifts. I can't stand the system, but love the settings. I was so happy to see a Savage Worlds Rifts! Now my Paladium books are just background and color for Savage Rifts.

  3. They've added the RIFTS GameMaster Guide to the basic collection, and the graphic novel to the full collection... and it sounds like more might be coming.


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