Monday, July 17, 2017

I've Been Playing Dungeon with Pinky - The Six Year Old Gets It!

I picked up the new version of the Dungeon! boardgame to play with my niece. She's six and ever eager to play Dungeons & Dragons with Uncle, so I figured Dungeon! would be a great introduction.

Simply put - it is. Its also a great learning tool.

She enjoys the game play and accumulating treasure. She High Fives when she kills an especially tough monster. More importantly, uncle told her once she can read the names and titles of all the level 1 to 3 cards (monsters and treasure) we'll move on to D&D. More accurately, we'll move on to Swords & Wizardry Light.

Guess what? She's sounding out the cards and making guesses when needed. She's adding dice rolled real quickly and even remembers to add in the plus 1 when she finds a magic sword. When she lost a combat, rolled a 12 to see what damage she took and lost all treasure and had to go back to the beginning? She ran off but came back real quickly - ready to kick the monster's butt and get back her treasures - she's learning more than words and numbers - she's learning to get knocked down and come back up swinging.

Come to think of it, she made a point of NOT adding the plus 1 from her magic sword when she dropped all of her loot. Which was kinda awesome :)

Dungeon! has become a learning tool hidden behind a fun game and she doesn't even know it.

Best purchase I've made with the lass in mind, bar none. Besides, its fun to play as an adult too ;)

Dungeon! is available for $17.16 at Amazon.

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  1. My oldest daughter is 6, so you've convinced me to buy it for the two of us to play together. :)

  2. The original Dungeon! board game (2nd or 3rd printing) was how my parents came to be ok with D&D. For that, I am forever grateful to Dave Megarry.

  3. my 5 year old makes me play D&D with her at least once a week.

  4. I have a 5yo daughter. We used miniatures with Candyland and most other board games. Dwarves roll down in Chutes and Ladders. I didn't think she'd be ready for Dungeon! but I think I'll give it a try with Mom and her this weekend. Thanks!

  5. This is the game I bought for my kid to introduce him to the hobby.


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