Tuesday, July 18, 2017

If You're Waiting on Me to Vet Your Upcoming Kickstarter...

you may have a while yet to wait. I have a baker's dozen of projects, Kickstarters and apps, that have asked me to look at their work and offer critiques. At the moment, I simply do not have the time. Sadly, my own projects are taking precedence at the moment.

It has gotten me to thinking about releasing a How to Avoid Crowdfunding Failure book. Well, book may be to large a word - I'm thinking 16 to 20 pages on the basic do's and don'ts to give your Kickstarter, Indigogo or what not a fighting chance. It would not guarentee success, as that can only come from the project creator, but it should offer clear warning of the most prominent (and less prominent but still potentially disastrous) pitfalls and suggestions to increase the chance of successful funding (and surviving the success of successful funding)

Maybe $2.50 in PDF, impulse pricing for POD - maybe $3.00 plus cost.

Don't even ask about fucking Kickstarting it...


  1. Just wanted to say that I think it's a cool idea and I would definitely buy that if you publish it, especially if it had some RPG/OSR only tips.

  2. Here's another sale waiting for that book to exist.

  3. What if you were to use Indiegogo?



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