Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review - Treat N Ink Issue #7 - Kreature Kompendium

A couple of weeks ago, Jethro Wall, the main man behind the Threat N Ink zine reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in reading a copy of the most recent issue. Figuring I'd be getting a PDF, I readily said "Yes!" and forwarded my email address. I was corrected and my snail mail address was requested. Never having heard of Threat N Ink prior, I was intrigued and Jethro mailed me a copy.

100 of 100. Damn!

Then it arrived. Holy crap, its digest zine sized in diameters but not in page count. 84 pages. Its a hefty tome.

My first impression was that the Kreature Kompendium was reminiscent of the original Fiend Folio. Having read it, cover to cover, it replaces the Fiend Folio in my mind. Monsters across the board, strange, bizarre and some from delightfully damaged minds.

Its Old School without a set format for stats. It varies from author to author and while for some that may be distracting, I find it to be part of the charm.

Even more enjoyable is the art. I love it with all the styles across the board. Nearly 30 artists with email addresses. So if you are a publisher, big or small, this is an excellent sampling of artists and their contact info.

The Kreature Kompendium sits on my desk these days. Don't tell my players, but the KK has sat on my desk the past few Saturday Nights, waiting for an opportunity to drop something into The Lost City of Baracus. Because surprises are the spice of successful gaming ;)

Want a copy? Reach out to Jethro. Each issue has its own theme. They are NOT all gaming / rpgs / OSR. That being said, if the quality falls in line with issue #7 (note, issue #7 is a double sized issue) I may need to pick up the previous six - because no matter the theme, art is the key, and Threat N Ink is strongly about the art.

jethrobot.com  wemakezines.ning.com/profile/jethro +jethro wall +threat nink

or snailmail at Threat N Ink PO Box 12556 Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Remember, this is a print zine and well worth the 10 bucks in my opinion.


  1. Picked it up. Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. How did you pick it up? I went to the store at the Jethrobot link and then clicked "Store", but there was no way to buy anything.

    1. John Paquette try this link, my website is not my strong suit...


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