Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Tavern Goes Live in June - Facebook Live That Is

After yesterday's comment about how a certain Kickstarter was charging 500 bucks to converse with the project's creator, I quipped that folks could talk with me for free.

Which got me thinking. Now that Facebook has finally added it's "Live" feature to my account, why couldn't I go live and talk with people?

Now, besides the chat box, I was wondering if a Google Number (Google Voice) would allow for live call ins. I really need to test this before North Texas but this could be an awesome thing.

I figure one day a week at different times to accommodate the Taverners around the world. I'd post the schedule for the current and coming month in The Tavern's FB community. I'll probably kick this off in about a month.

Why not Hangouts? Because Google is doing a fine job killing it and from what I've seen, Facebook Live runs with few issues.

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