Thursday, May 18, 2017

Spring Reminder - The Tavern Pimps What it Will - I'm Not Ignoring You, Just Your Requests

Its mid spring and it seems that not only is it time for spring planting but also a ripe time for the launch of new Kickstarters. As such, I'm getting hit with requests to highlight new Kickstarters daily, often multiple requests per day, via FaceBook IM, Google Hangouts, G+, email - you name it.

So, if this is you - meaning, the one requesting, asking, begging and very rarely demanding that The Tavern cover you latest and greatest Kickstarter, please keep the following in mind:

1 - First and foremost, The Tavern is a gaming community focused on the OSR. Kickstarter coverage is secondary - tertiary if it isn't an OSR related

2 - If your Kickstarter is Pathfinder focused, you probably aren't going to get covered. Same if it is something I generally won't play myself. You see, I back 90% + of the Kickstarters I highlight.

3 - If I don't respond to you, don't take it personally. I also get unsolicited Facebook IMs, Google Hangout and Plus direct messages, emails and the like from people that want to talk gaming. These people are my community. I do my best to respond to them. As for your KS request, wait and see if it makes the page.

4 - There are folks that have cultivated friendships with me months or even years in advance of any Kickstarters or other projects. I don't catch all of their messages either, but I do try.

5 - In the end, I am performing a service for the OSR and the gaming community at large (and The Tavern's Community in particular) It is them that I owe fealty to. I highlight KSs I feel they would be interested in, either to support or show how not to run a Kickstarter. If my fealty were to the Kickstarter creators, I'd be a shill. I am no shill.

There you have it. Alright, time to head out and pick up my son. 23 and is having a tooth pulled. Fucker broke in half. Yes, I'm getting text updates ;)


  1. Thanks for 86'ing the Pathfinder KS's. It makes up for any and all DCC KS's you feature. :D

  2. That explains why you won't cover my supercool fantasy heartbreaker inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog. WHICH IF YOU BACK AT THE $40 LEVEL LETS YOU MAKE AN ORIGINAL SELF-INSERT CHARACTER!

  3. It's odd that you even need to put this in writing. It's your blog, it's your rules.

    1. Lots of entitled people out there. Players of 3e and Pathfinder are probably pretty high on the list.

    2. When your first IM to me - not email, but immediate IM, is to request I cover your KS - you probably stepped on your own "male appendage" ;)

  4. How many regular Pathfinder readers does your blog have?


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