Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A WTF Kickstarter - Solstice (D20 Hack)

Look at that inspiring logo. Grey always helps, right?

So, what is Solstice and why am I even looking at it?

Well, Solstice is apparently a D20 Hack and I'm looking at it because one of the Taverners brought it to my attention ;)

I'm going to go with a simple screenshot of the project, because its one of the shorter (description-wise)projects that I've come across:

K - he needs to pay artists, multiple editors and multiple lawyers to get Solstice published. But wait, he also apparently needs to find a publishing company. And he plans to deliver in July. 2017. These are the "holidays" he speaks of.

But wait! There's more! You haven't seen the reward levels yet.

Now, nowhere is it discussed what exactly is in the basic rules, but that's okay - we don't know what is in the rules, either. But hey, 25 bucks gets you the intro chapter.

$125 for the entire Beta. An extra $500 gets you a conversation with the creator.

Who the hell is worth 500 for a "conversation"?

You wanna talk to me? Reach out and we'll find the time. My charge is that you are stuck listening to me yap away. I'll talk your ears off with the topic "Swords & Wizardry Light" and it won't cost you a dime, just your time.


  1. I've been involved in a number of modest kickstarters and the level of incredulity I have with this one is off the scale.

  2. I'm hoping this is just a sad little joke.

  3. Having written Back to the Dungeon RPG my low tech Zine RPG, I thought I could just "whip up" and old school D20 light system in just a few weeks or so. I was wrong. It took forever. It took years. I am at a mostly complete at version 1.8. One thing is I can't imagine even coming out with a kick-starter with the few hundred pages I got. Many of us gamer THINK we want to write our own RPGs but in reality it's far more harder than one thinks. Even if you have it in a 1970s Zine style there are the grammar Nazis that tear you apart even if the content is good. I wish the writer of Solstice the best but he needs to research more before even coming out with a Kick Starter. I use Drive Thru RPG as they have been great for me. No upfront cost and the full use of their website's tracking of all of your downloads. It's been overall a great experience.

    1. "...[H]e needs to research more before even coming out with a Kick Starter."

      That's the key. This guy clearly has no idea how the business works and minimal writing skills. When I first read this thing, I didn't realize he expected to commission editing and art and get everything finished by *this* July. I've never actually published an RPG product, but even I know that's not possible.

  4. I file this under, "Not my problem". ;) I wish him luck though.

  5. I demand Tenkar pay us all immediately for reading his blog. That's the way it's supposed to be right? RIGHT?

  6. Wow...just, wow. I wonder if this guy gets anything except from family and really gullible friends.

  7. He fixed a lot of the goals to being much more reasonable.

  8. Heh! Writing your own game can be a lonely place to be. There was not a more adequate term ever conceived than "Fantasy Heart Breaker"!


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