Friday, May 19, 2017

Another Fine Article on ENWorld - Ernie Gygax Shares A Little of Tenser's History

Alright, stop the presses! I have found yet ANOTHER OSR related article on ENWorld that should interest the readers of The Tavern. Ernie Gygax shares shares some of Tenser's history.

The article is a short one and I'm only repeating a single paragraph here - grab the rest over on ENWorld.
"Tenser was the first magic user ever in Greyhawk. No books or previous experience existed. The first spell I took was a Read Magic and I used it to read the glyphs above a stairway leading down (level 1 to 2). It told us (Rob, Terry and I) that as you descend into the depths of the Dungeon the encounters will be more difficult but the rewards far grander. At 3rd level when facing off with an Evil 5th level mage I asked to join him and turn to Evil with him. He laughed stripped me naked and released me on the 3rd level to die. I made it to the surface. Took a rock in hand and set an ambush on another low level wandering mage. This stocked me with a new outfit, but I truly missed my now missing paralyzation wand. "


  1. That's a copy and past from something Ernie wrote on Facebook. I don't see any attribution of the source....

    1. No attribution of source? On ENWorld? What? I'm shocked.. Shocked I say... :)

  2. That's some hardcore badassery right there!


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