Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tunnels & Trolls 5e now available in PDF

When it comes to Tunnels & Trolls, 5e is probably THE edition (much in the way AD&D 1e is pretty much THE D&D edition for many) It hasn't ben officially available in PDF format until now. Why is that important?

I'm a bit of a T&T collector. The only edition I am missing is 3rd (1e is a reprint in my collection, 2e is +Ken St. Andre 's personal play copy, multiple copies of 4e, 7e, 7.5e, Deluxe (there is no 6e officially). As for 5e and 5.5e (.5 adding some optional rules) I probably have a dozen copies - American, UK, Corgi trade releases - like I said, I'm a collector.

When I play T&T, either in a group or solo, its always 5x. Its the sweet spot, where the T&T system came into its own and the generation of the popular T&T solos.

You can snag the Tunnels & Trolls 5e rules in PDF for $6.95
Tunnels &Trolls is the 2nd oldest role-playing game and has been in print since 1976.  This 100 page PDF contains the classic and widely popular 5th edition of T&T. This is the version that most people remember and used from 1979 to 2006. Like most rpgs you play this with a GM and a group of players.  Play is quick and streamlined and T&T has more emphasis on role-playing and less on charts and reference books. All the rules you need are in this book and there is even a small GM adventure in this book you can use. The other unique aspect of T&T is that it’s one of the few rpgs you can play solitaire. There are well over 50 solo adventures available, including 26 published by Flying Buffalo. (Many of them are on Drive-thru.) Download a copy of the classic version of T&T and find out why it has endured for so long.
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  1. I've been considering buying T&T on an off over the last couple of months (it was my first ever RPG back in 83) but have never quite taken the step.

    How does this version compare to the latest Deluxe version? Give this a shot or put the $6.95 towards Deluxe?

    1. Why not both?

      In reality, I prefer the new advancement system to the one in 5th. Also, Deluxe finally makes the small kindreds playable, combat wise.

  2. Would be very interested in a PoD option. Hope it's coming but not holding my breath. I thought it was a really nice game back in the day.


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