Friday, May 19, 2017

ConManKen Collects ANOTHER Un-Diagnosed Mental Disability - Did I Hear BINGO!?!

Ah, #ConManKen. Really, if you take Ken's whole spiel as an act or some kind of performance art, he's almost entertaining. Almost...

When Ken made his return to the gaming industry in order to fleece, bilk and scam, he blamed his prior indiscretions on un-diagnosed ADD. Meds and counseling were going to make him a new man. Well, new man, same scam.

Time for a reminder. Last year Ken promised to make good on ALL of his outstanding Kickstarters by August of 2018 2017. Holy shit! August is nearly here!

So, what does Ken suddenly announce? Well, apparently he has a NEW undiagnosed illness:
Hey I have a little bit of bad news about me. 
I am going in on May 31 to find out if I have CTE. I may be in stage 2, I am starting to forget things. 
Well, They are finding out - just recently- that Lithium is really helping and even reversing some of it. So, even if it is, if the Lithium can reverse some of the damage that would be great! : -) 
I know I act distant sometimes, But that's because I remember things. (only typo is the missing word "don't")  
I cover up my memory loss with arrogance and meanness.  And im tired of hiding it. So... 
I have probably had stage one since my college days, But I can tell its getting worst. (doh - second typo - there goes my idea of Ken using a Ghost Writer)
Anyway, only telling a few people. I will keep you informed because you guys are my KODT family. 
I have reached out to a few people to help me get organized and get this project done. Still gonna happen soon! 
PS - if you need things from me, please text often and remind me. I am not ignoring you, I need to write it down on my list. Hopefully I will have someone managing me soon.
So, new excuse to punt the already punted Kickstarter completion date? Done!

Illness that is hard to diagnose without an autopsy? Yep!

Would Bipolar be a safer bet? I asked a professional, who told me "I fucking called Biplar two years ago!" Thanks Rach ;)

Really should turn Ken into his own card game and Kickstart it. Frauds, Cons & Angry Moms. Called it first. Need to trademark that shit before #ConManKen tries to steal it :)


  1. Oh! I can treat him! There's been some awesome positive indicators from SLPs regarding CTE recovery. But, this is a head injury disease from chronic concussions not something that just happens, it's chronic habitual head trauma.

  2. Are you calling this chronic habitual bullshit? ;)

    1. I'm saying I could charge my hefty rate to provide services......

  3. Great. May he get the medical help he needs, and turn his failed Kickstarters over to someone reliable while he convalesces.

  4. This could be the beginnings of a defense for a future lawsuit/trial.

  5. Frauds, Undiagnosed Cons, Ken, & Highly Incensed Moms?

    *looks at acronym*


  6. Speaking of failed ks, what about nystul?

  7. Speaking of failed ks, what about nystul?

  8. "I am starting to forget things."

    Yet, he always remembers when someone "insults" him by telling the truth about his actions.

  9. Replies
    1. He was something of a local high school football hero. That much at least is true.

    2. So was Al Bundy...

  10. His claim is offensive to people actually struggling with a mental illness. ..I happen to know people afflicted, and they dont use it as escuse.

  11. Not a card game. How about an exciting live-action roleplaying game called LAGGARDS AND LAWSUITS?


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