Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Kickstarter - Dwarves of Iron Peak - Two Player Boardgame

Trolls are so big, all you get are the feet ;)

I've got a confession to make. I've backed a number of fantasy themed board game Kickstarters and have yet to play them. Most require three or more players and I'm just not getting that number of players at my kitchen table.

Dwarves of Iron Peak might actually get played. Why?

Small time commitment and two players? That's a win / win in my book.

Did I mention it has dwarves? Or that the boxed set buy in is 44 bucks?

Yep, the minis look damn good too.

Pin the troll's feet with the spears. That's actually pretty damn cool.

Now to find room on the gaming shelves...


  1. The whole premise of this game is stolen from an old 80s game (I think it was elves trying to pin a giant's feet).

  2. Found it. It was called "Stomp!", by Chaosium.
    I hope the folks doing this Kickstarter have acknowledge the inspiration, at least.

  3. This is also a relaunch of their prior KS, "Hoarders", which failed to fund. Suddenly, they can make the game for less than half the money as before? Something very fishy going on there, and neither KS mentions that this is basically a remake of someone else's game.

  4. Lol. Troll much? This looks and acts nothing like Stomp. It's like saying all CCG's that use a similar rule set are copycats, simply a genre that's all.

  5. Troll? Hardly.

    True, it's probably perfectly legal to (re)publish an old out-of-print game if you change the title, the wording of the rules, and the game's components, since none of that stuff is really protected by copyright law.

    But are you saying or implying that it's purely coincidence that both games are played on a hexboard, with an army-of-many-units vs a single giant foe arrangement, where the grunts need to immobilize feet tokens using spears, that's all one big COINCIDENCE? Or is this actually a "genre", now? LOL!

  6. INAL, but I think that the way a game is played is fair game. In other words, I can create a game involving a square board, eight tokens and two six sided dice, that involves irrigating land using irrigation tokens in 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 unit increments while selling fruits and veggies at either fruit stands (up to three per square) or a larger grocery store (1 per square) that increases the cost to the other players and call it "Farmlands" - and Hasbro can't sue me for my Monopoly knock off. And that makes it a genre, yes. Just like there are tower defense games. Is there other stuff potentially wrong with this game? No clue. Are they on sound legal footing - more then likely (pun intended).


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